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Here are some of the judges comments and testimonials from Ojeda's Art works, 

exhibits participation and events organization.



Yellow Square "Honorable Mention"

Judge: Sherry O'Neill writes 

"Yellow Square" is original, fresh and fun!

Very nice abstract and I loved the yellow square!"



Black and Whote Collage " 3rd Place"

Judge George Gadson writes in The Egret,

"Black and White collage"

"The nice contrast of black and white

remind us how all our lives and histories are connected"




Thanks for all your hard work!  This year was the absolute best turnout we have had.  I love the web page for the winners and the early notification as well!  

In analysis, your contact with the homeschool community really made a big difference.  In the past we haven't had a big show in that department.  I am surprised that the art schools did not represent themselves, nor did the schools participate with at least their art classes.  Great Great job!  Obviously your efforts were focused on the right groups.  The results clearly show that this years success was more than momentum from years gone past.  It was your effort.  YOU DID IT!  Awesome!  Congrats!!!!!


Wenona De Leon


 The whole report is very profesional.  The site is great… GOOD JOB ALL IN ALL.  THANKS.

Marita Perkins  ~  ~ 


“Good morning, Claudia –

Thank-you for sending the announcement. It was fun to see the results so quickly. We’re looking forward to attending the reception. Thanks for your service to our community and family.


Betsy and Joe Guarino


“Hi Claudia!

Very good paintings that won in the show. The children do sooo well! Nice work girl!”

Mary Draving



Claudia : Steven y yo estamos muy sorprendidos con el  resultado de tu excelente trabajo en el Show para los ninos .es MARAVILLOSO.

El mejor que  yo haya visto . La respuesta del publico fue sorprendente. De todo corazon te felicito.”

Nelly Molina.


“Dear Claudia,

      I wanted to congradulate you on this year's youth art show.  I have helped hang the the show for a number of years and this is the best turnout that I can remenber.   I commend you on the job you did and want you to know how much I enjoy seeing the creativity of the kids at the take-in.

I am looking forward to the reception and I feel that the "Youth Art Show" is the most important community service that the club does.”

Stephen Caplan


“Great job in managing the art contest!  Your work and caring for the young "artists" will inspire greatness in each of them and help them to achieve the goals in life!


Again, AWESOME job!”

Archie Giles