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Personalize Your Art invites you to visit this web sites that might be of your interest as well...

Kreative Makeovers

Interior Decorating firm that is dedicated to providing its clients

with beautiful,unique and livable interiors, 

regardless of decorating styles and spaces.

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Arte Landaeta

Richard Bello Landaeta, was born in Caracas, Venezuela. Since he started painting he chose LANDAETA, his mother’s maiden name as his artistic name. A lawyer and professor in his native country he always devoted time to his passion for painting.

Residing in South Florida since 2001, found his true inspiration in  Nature. The light and color of the Floridian landscape moves him to produce his paintings full of vibrant colors and personal vision of his surroundings...

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Etiqueta Excellence

Tenchy Salas and Yvonne Salas are internationally recognized etiquette and protocol experts.Certified by prestigious Protocol Schools in Paris, New York and Washington, they are also experienced event organizers and consultants.
Fluent in Spanish, English and French, this tandem of world travelers have provided internationally, invaluable consulting services to a diverse clientele of business owners, sales professionals and business executives. They have coached children and young adults in several countries, as well as politicians and entire families in need of social and protocol orientation.

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PORTADA Magazine

La Revista Lider de los hispanos!

Portada pone al servicio de las comunidades hispanas un universo de conocimientos a traves de sus paginas (impresas y digitales), asi como en sus eventos y programas.

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Forza Stefano Charitable Foundation

Forza Stefano Charitable Foundation was created to honor Stefano Dioguardi's love for water polo. It was a sport that he was passionate about, trained hard to excell at the highest levels, and created special bonds of friendship during his life that was cut too short. It was also a community that immediately rallied to his support in his time of greatest need.

If you are interested in donating to support tis Foundation to help other families of teens with health related needs, please go to

Thanks for your support and God bless you!